Who are we?

It’s not too late to write your letters to Pope Francis to show your attachment to the Tridentine Rite
and we’ll put them in the trunk once we get to Rome.
We are Catholics attached to the Tridentine Mass, which nourishes our love for Christ. Fully engaged in the mission of the Church, we desire to carry to Rome a testimony of unity and faith. Drawn toward heaven by the rich liturgy of the traditional rite, supported by the priests who help us grow in the faith, we want to show our humble participation in the construction of the kingdom of Christ in the world. We received Pope Francis’s motu proprio Traditionis custodes with incomprehension, as we share with all our brothers and sisters in the faith the same unconditional love for the Church. Profoundly shaken by this turn of events, we are entrusting the mothers of priests with the task of walking from Paris to Rome, in order to carry to the feet of the Holy Father the plea of all Christians attached to the Tridentine rite, in full communion with the Church. We remain strengthened by our love for this liturgy which, today as ever, brings so many souls to the Lord.