Do you think that the Tridentine rite is one of the riches of the Church?

We ask that you present yourself, that you give testimony of what you are, of your engagements in the Church and the reasons for your attachment to the Tridentine rite, in a letter written on one 8.5″ x 11″ (or A4) sheet.

The letters ought to be sent, unsealed, to La Voie Romaine or given to your priests if they are collecting them.

We will then take care of placing your letters* into the chest which will be carried to Rome.

*Letters will be opened and read by La Voie Romaine before being placed in the chest.

Do you plan to send us a letter?

Let us know by filling out this form:

How to send your letter to La Voie Romaine?

Please follow the instructions below:

By mail (preferred)

Addressed to La Voie romaine at one of the addresses below:



Please write your letter on one sheet and send it to us in PDF format, at the following email address: